Baitsafe® Bait Station

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Easily refill this bait station without climbing into roof and wall cavities.

BaitSafe® is the next generation in bait station technology. It removes the need to enter
small, uncomfortable or hazardous locations when installing bait stations and works 24
hours a day to protect people and property from the dangers of rodents. Unlockable only
with a special tool, the bait can’t be accessed by children or pets tampering with the station,
with the bait spike securing baits in place so they cannot be carried away and cached by
rodents and eaten by non target species. For use in homes, apartments, offices, baches,
schools, hospitals, stadiums the list goes on. BaitSafe® can be installed in ceilings, eaves,
external stud walls, lean-tos, sub floors or anywhere that rats and mice are found.

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