NoPests® Flying Insects™ Sticky Traps

Trap flying pests in conservatories, greenhouses and gardens.

Trap flying pests in conservatories, greenhouses and gardens.

Contains : 5 double-sided sticky traps and twist ties. LASTS FOR UP TO 8 WEEKS!
For the effective, safe control of a range of flying insect pests including: whitefly, blackfly, midges and thrips. For use in greenhouses, conservatories and gardens. Small flying insect pests are attracted to the trap’s yellow colour. The NoPests® Sticky Trap is coated with a special “dry” glue – on both sides – which will not stick to your fingers or damage your clothes.
NoPests® Sticky Traps are shower proof only.


Directions for Use:
  • Hold the trap at the top and remove both sides of the protective cover paper.
  • Hang the trap just above the plants using the twist tie supplied. Remember to move the trap higher up as the plants grow. Each trap will last for approximately 8 weeks or until sticky surface becomes covered with insects.
  • Once at least half of the trap is covered in insects, wrap the trap in newspaper and dispose of in the bin.

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