NoPests® Slug & Snail Stop

A reliable product to protect individual plants from slugs and snails.

NoPests® Slug & Snail Stop is a patented new product that does away with the need for using poisonous slug pellets in the vegetable and flower garden.
Made from robust polypropylene, the unit can be used again and again to provide absolutely harmless slug protection to both animals and humans.

The NoPests® Slug & Snail Stop also prevents rain splash from dirtying vegetables, and when hand-watering. Water is kept within the enclosure allowing the surface of the soil outside the ring to remain dry, making it more difficult for slugs to crawl around and for weed seedlings to germinate.
Early plantings of tender seedlings can be given extra protection through using the Greenhouse cover, the ventilation holes in the cover allow for the plant to be watered without removing the cover. Tender seedlings are also protected from being devoured by birds such as sparrows.
Diameter at base: 13cm


Directions for Use:
  • Place the NoPests® Slug & Snail Stop over your chosen plat or seedling and push into the ground to stabilise.
  • Ensure no low hanging leaves or branches are near the structure that may act as a bridge for snails or slugs to reach the plant.
  • Ensure direct watering of the plant through the top of the structure.
  • Use the lid to create a greenhouse environment for the plant.

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