NoPests Pantry Moth Trap

Trap a wide range of pesky moths in the kitchen or pantry.

Contains: 2 ready to use Pheromone Traps. Lasts for 3 months!
A patented, free standing trap design which mimics specific pheromones to attract male moths that normally infest foodstuffs such as rice, floor and pet foods etc. Effective and safe to use in and around kitchen cupboards. The pheromone trap remains effective for approximately 12 weeks after which period if moths are still present the trap should be replaced. One trap is sufficient for an average size kitchen.
Upon entering the trap the male moth is stuck on to the sticky board and therefore the life cycle is interrupted as the female moth remains unfertilised. Often the first indication of the infestation is the appearance of small moths flying about or the presence of caterpillars in or near food packages. Pantry moths can breed continuously in favourable conditions.

Directions for Use:
  • Remove the protective paper carefully exposing the pheromone attractant and glue surface.
  • Stand trap in an open book shape exposing the glue surface.
  • Place in the kitchen or storage area on a flat surface.

If infestation persists, a professional pest control company should be consulted.

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