Pindone Rabbit Pellets

For safe and effective control of rabbit populations.

The only rabbit bait considered safe enough to be available to the general public. Pindone Rabbit Pellets are a first generation anticoagulant cereal based pellet. A great deal of Pindone would need to be consumed for animals, such as cats and dogs, to suffer poisonous effects which makes Pindone less hazardous to non-target animals while still being lethal to rabbits. Rabbits like the taste of the pellets so will keep coming back for more ensuring a lethal dose is consumed. Pellets are coloured green to deter birds and other native wildlife from consuming. The risk of secondary poisoning to dogs is also low due to rabbits mostly meeting their end while tucked up in their burrows. Available in a 2kg pack.

Pindone Rabbit Pellets must be used with a bait station like the Multifeeder Bait Station (sold separately). The Multifeeder Bait Station is ideally suited for lifestyle blocks, orchards, vineyards and gardens. Easy and safe to move around, the canister construction protects bait from decay and exposure to the elements. Designed to eliminate spillage and waste, and is ideal for rabbits with up to three rabbits able to feed at once. The outer sleeve allows the station to be sealed, dry and weatherproof during the day and opened at night when rabbits are more active.

In the unlikely event that a pet manages to consume a significant volume of Pindone, their gums will become very pink to signify their exposure and a visit to the vet for a Vitamin K injection will have them back to their normal selves.

Tip: Leave your empty Multifeeder Bait Station out for a few days so the rabbits become familiar with it, before placing Pindone Rabbit Bait Pellets inside.


Directions for Use:
  • Place bait station in area where rabbits have left dung heaps and scratchings.
  • Restock the bait station every night to ensure it is full for the first 3-4 nights. This ensures enough bait pellets are consumed by the rabbits for a lethal dose.
  • Seal the bait station during the day and when wet weather is forecasted to protect bait from exposure to the elements and non-target animal species.

If neighbouring properties are not undertaking their own rabbit control, this can greatly affect your success. Joining forces and combatting the situation together is recommended.

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