Tomcat® Low Profile Rat Bait Station

Use indoors to protect children and dogs from rat bait.

A reusable indoor and outdoor bait station for use with Contrac Rodent Blox (sold separately). Ideal for indoor use as low profile size and unique shape allow station to fit flush along walls, in corners and under furniture and pallets. Patented baffles lead rodents directly to feeding receptacle where Contrac Rodent Blox are held in place with rods to ensure the rodent cannot remove the bait from the bait station. Tamper-resistant and locks automatically on close with the Tomcat® two-prong ‘key’ required to unlock, protects children and dogs from getting at the bait.

Contains 1 Rat Bait Station (black low profile) and 1 Tomcat® two-prong ‘key’.


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