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NoPests® Flying Insects™ Sticky Traps

Trap flying pests in conservatories, greenhouses and gardens.

NoPests® Codling Moth Pheromone Refill Kit

Monitor and trap moths on apple and pear trees for a whole season.

Timms Possum Trap

Use outdoors to catch and kill possums.

NoPests® Wasp Dome Refillable Trap

Easy set and refillable. Attractive to wasps, not bees.

Biforce Granules

Control all sorts of crawling and flying bugs outdoors.

NoPests® Roach Bait™

For the control of filthy cockroaches.

NoPests® Multifeeder Bait Station

Easy set, refillable and weatherproof for control of rabbits.

Delicia Sluggoff® Lentils

Use outdoors to control slugs and snails.

NoPests® Live Rat Cage

Use indoors or outdoors to easily catch rats, not kill.

Trapinator Kill Trap

Developed in conjunction with the Department of Conservation to kill possums and feral cats.


Highly attractive natural ant bait.