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NoPests® Clothes Moth Pheromone Trap

Use indoors in storage areas to trap annoying clothes moths.

Cat & Possum Cage Trap

A Humane Cat & Possum trap.

NoPests® Sand4Ants

For outside control of ants, fleas and ticks on buildings and lawns.

NoPests® Disposable Fly Bag Trap

For outdoor control of flies in urban and rural areas.

Disposable Wasp Bag Trap

Easy set and disposable. Attractive to wasps, not bees.

Biforce Granules

Control all sorts of crawling and flying bugs outdoors.

Timms Possum Trap

Use outdoors to catch and kill possums.

NoPests® Crawling Insect Spray™

Control all sorts of crawling insects outdoors and indoors. Fast acting!

Tomcat® Mouse Bait Station

Use indoors to protect children and dogs from mouse bait.

Hawk Bird Scarer

No power, wind or poison needed – environmentally friendly.