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NoPests® Sand4Ants

For outside control of ants, fleas and ticks on buildings and lawns.

Dräger Alcotest® 3820 Mouthpieces

Fast and easy to replace for hygienic use of the Dräger Alcotest®.

Vanquish Argentine Ant Bait

A very effective ant bait, particularly for the Argentine Ant.

Snap Rat Trap

Use indoors to easily and safely trap rats.

Snap Mouse Trap

Use indoors to easily and safely trap mice.

NoPests® Wasp Lure

Scientifically formulated and non-toxic. Attractive to Common and German wasps.

Birdscare Balloon

Bird scarer, deterrent balloon. Let it's eyes taunt away your bird brained pests.

NoPests® Bug Spray™

Control all sorts of crawling and flying bugs.

NoPests® Flying Insects™ Sticky Traps

Trap flying pests in conservatories, greenhouses and gardens.

Birdscare Flash Tape

Effective Visual Bird Scarer.

Fruit Fly Traps

Use indoors for control of fruit flies.