01What’s the Story?

The simple fact of the matter is that pests affect everybody. This issue is that pest control can be very confusing, with many kinds of pests and environments to consider, lots of contradictory advice and many different products to choose from…

That’s a lot to mull over for the average New Zealander that just wants no more pests! And that’s where NoPests® comes in to the picture. Cutting through all the bull, NoPests® is about bringing no-nonsense, effective, do it yourself pest control to the people.

02The Ideology

Pest Control Made Easy

We are great believers in keeping things simple. Do it yourself pest control with simple instructions ensures success no matter your level of experience.

Products that Really Work

Quality pest control that works each and every time. Tested and proven within New Zealand’s harsh, and often unforgiving, environment ensuring that every product is up to the task.

03The Technology

With our experience in commercial pest control, we have developed a range of products that really work and are easy for anyone to use.

We have a clear focus on human safety and minimising environmental impacts with smart application strategies. We are constantly reviewing our products to ensure that they are inline with the latest in pest control innovation and technology. Whether this is the raw ingredients in our insecticides or the materials and construction of our traps and bait stations, you can be assured they are leading the industry.

04The Environment

NoPests® is 100% Kiwi owned and operated with a large number of the products designed and manufactured right here in New Zealand tailored for New Zealand’s unique environmental conditions.

We try our best to use non toxic ingredients to ensure we are being friendly to the environment. However, this is not always possible as some pests are more difficult to control than others. You can identify the non-toxic products in our range by the “Non Toxic” logo.