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Dräger X-plore 1720 Disposable Odour Mask

Recommended for use with most pest control products.

Snap Rat Trap

Use indoors to easily and safely trap rats.

WaspJet Pro®

Use outdoors for control of wasp nests.

Crickoff Pro Black Field Cricket Bait

Control black field crickets to maximise pasture growth.

Bird Free Preloaded Dishes

Use outdoors to control pesky birds.

Tomcat® Rodent Station

Protect children and dogs from rat and mice bait and traps.

Ditrac Rodent Blocks

For safe and effective control of rat and mice populations.

NoPests® Roach Bait™

For the control of filthy cockroaches.

Pindone AgTech Rabbit Pellets

For safe and effective control of rabbit populations.

Bird Free Dish Hangers

Used in conjunction with Bird Free Preloaded Dishes

NoPests® Wasp Lure

Scientifically formulated and non-toxic. Attractive to Common and German wasps.