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Codling moth are known for attacking fruit crops such as apples and pears. The eggs are laid on the surface of fruit, or a fruit-tree leaf near fruit. Each egg – about 1 millimetre in diameter – hatches into a caterpillar grub, which tunnels into the fruit and eats the flesh and seeds.

Once caterpillars have burrowed deep within the fruit, they become impossible to control so it is important to get onto controlling them in mid October before they reach this stage.

Madex 2 is a new product by NoPests® that controls Codling moth caterpillars in their earliest juvenile stages before they begin to burrow into the fruit, it has a highly specific effect on fruit maggots and thus does not impact bees.

Madex 2 used in conjunction with the NoPests Codling Moth pheromone traps will improve the level of Codling Moth control. Monitoring of the pheromone traps provides a visual indication of the when infestations of codling moth are likely to occur.


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