Madex® 2

Control Codling Moth in the orchard or home garden the natural way.

Madex 3 has been used in commercial apple and pear orchards for Codling Moth control for more than 20 years. It is an organic product based on a live organism – the Codling Moth Granulosis virus otherwise known as CpGV – a naturally occurring pathogen of the codling moth. Madex 2 is a diluted form of Madex 3 especially formulated for small orchards and home gardeners. It controls Codling moth caterpillars in their earliest juvenile stages before they begin to burrow into the fruit, it has a highly specific effect on fruit maggots and thus does not impact bees. Once caterpillars have burrowed deep within the fruit, they become impossible to control. Madex 2 will not control adult moths, therefore, early application provides the best results.

Directions for Use:

Make the first application when codling moth larvae are hatching. This is normally from early to mid-October. Repeat applications at 7-14 day intervals till mid-December. A second infestation of young caterpillars may occur in mid-January.
Madex 2 used in consecutive seasons has a cumulative effect in the reduction of the codling moth population.

Madex 2 must be stored in the fridge

Tip: Madex 2 used in conjunction with The NoPests Codling Moth pheromone traps will improve the level of Codling Moth control. Monitoring of the pheromone traps provides a visual indication of the when infestations of codling moth are likely to occur.

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