Pindone Pellets Possums & Rats

For safe and effective control of possum and rat populations.

Pindone Possum & Rat Bait Pellets are a first generation anticoagulant cereal based pellet. A great deal of Pindone would need to be consumed for animals, such as cats and dogs, to suffer poisonous effects which makes Pindone less hazardous to other animals while still being lethal to possums and rats. Pindone is NOT effective on mice. Possums and rats like the taste of the pellets so will keep coming back for more ensuring a lethal dose is consumed. Pellets are coloured green to deter birds and other native wildlife from consuming. Available in a 2kg pack.

Pindone Pellets Possum & Rat Bait  must be used with a bait station like the Philproof Possum Bait Station for possums (sold separately) and the Pied Piper Bait Station for rats (sold separately).

In the unlikely event that a pet manages to consume a significant volume of Pindone, their gums will become very pink to signify their exposure and a visit to the vet for a Vitamin K injection will have them back to their normal selves.


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