Pied Piper Bait Station

Easy set, refillable and weatherproof for control of rats.

A reusable rat bait station for use with bait such as Pindone Possum & Rat Bait Pellets, Contrac Rodent Blox or Ditrac Rodent Blocks (all sold separately). Sturdy and solid, the interlocking design keeps bait contained within the bait station. Tunnel design provides rats with a safe feeding area, free from predators, encouraging bait consumption. Holds up to 700g of Pindone (approximately 350 pellets) or approximately 19 x 28g blocks of Contrac or Ditrac.

See the Pied Piper Bait Station in action in these videos: Pied Piper Bait Station for Rats – Feeding 3 and Pied Piper Rat Bait Station – made in New Zealand


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