NoPests® Ant Bait™

Use outdoors & indoors to control annoying ants

NoPests® Ant Bait™ is a premium ant bait that has no odour, is non-staining and easy to apply. The highly palatable bait matrix in NoPests® Ant Bait™ encourages ants to consume as much bait as possible and return it to the nest. NoPests® Ant Bait™ controls all major pest species of ants found in NZ, such as Black house ants, Argentine ants, White footed house ant and Darwin’s Ant.

Active Ingredient: Contains 0.5 g/kg Indoxacarb in the form of a gel bait.


Directions for Use:
  • To apply, remove the cap on the nozzle and touch the tip to the surface to be treated and slowly squeeze the tube until sufficient ant bait is dispensed in a thin line approximately 2.5 mm wide and 5 cm to 7.5 cm long across or alongside active trails.
  • Inspect ant bait placements periodically and apply ant bait until all foraging ants are feeding. Recap the tube after treatment is completed.

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