NoPests® Bug Spray™

Control all sorts of crawling and flying bugs

NoPests® Bug Spray is a liquid, general purpose insecticide, that is non staining, has no odour and is very economic to use. NoPests® Bug Spray has knockdown, residual and repellent activity against most insect species such as fleas, flies and spiders. NoPests® Bug Spray is particularly excellent for the control of flying insects.

Available in 120ml pack. Makes 10 litres of spray.

Active Ingredient: 25 g/L Deltamethrin


Directions for Use:
  • Add 12ml of this product per litre or 60mls per 5 litres of water. Apply 5 litres of spray mix per 100sq meters as a fine mist. Surface spray as a barrier for the control of crawling insects. Before applying always test on a small area first to ensure streaking, staining or marking does not occur. If using indoors do not spray onto a freshly painted surfaces, wait at least 1 month after painting.
  • Spray window sills, skirting boards, ceilings, eaves and other surfaces to target flying & crawling insects. Do not remove cobwebs for up to 7-10 days after treatment. Open windows and doors to ventilate rooms for 4 hours following treatment. Controls most insect species for 3-6 months.
  • Surface spray only. Do not spray into the air. Do not spray onto surfaces that come into contact with food. Do NOT spray personal contact items, e.g. clothing, footwear, towels or bedding. Do NOT spray pets. Remove pets from treated areas prior to application. Cover or remove fish tanks and bird cages before application.

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