NoPests® Clothes Moth Pheromone Trap

Use indoors in storage areas to trap annoying clothes moths.

Use indoors in storage areas to trap annoying clothes moths.

Contains: 1 disposable trap and 1 pheromone lure. Lasts up to 6 weeks!
The moths are attracted by the pheromone lure. When the clothes moth’s enter the trap they are caught on the non-drying glue coated on the inside faces of the trap. A patented black stripe is also printed on the card to further increase the insect attraction. The traps are designed to monitor the presence of Tineola bisselliella adult male moths in clothes and textiles.


Directions for Use:
  • Remove the protective cover paper from the glue on the trap. Fold the trap to form its delta cross section and lock the tabs together. Place lure into centre of trap. The traps should be placed on shelving or on the floor adjacent to where the materials to be monitored are kept. Avoid hanging the traps, but if traps must be hung then this should be as low as possible above the items to be monitored. This insect is noted as a poor flier and will not normally venture far from the source of the infestation. One trap should be sufficient to monitor a single confined space e.g. a wardrobe. Where larger areas need to be monitored a minimum of 1 trap per 10m² should be used.
  • Disposable traps should be replaced every 6 weeks or when the sticky surface becomes saturated with dead insects. Once this happens, dispose of traps via standard waste disposal means.

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