NoPests® Wasp Dome Refillable Trap

Easy set and refillable. Attractive to wasps, not bees.

A reusable wasp trapping system for use with NoPests® Wasp Lure (sold separately). Highly effective with the capacity to capture hundreds of wasps. When full, empty contents in trash and refill again with NoPests® Wasp Lure. Contains 1 Wasp Dome Trap (yellow base with clear lid) and 1 suspension string.

Tip: Use in high summer months to control active wasp populations and also in winter months to control queen wasps, preventing population growth.


Directions for Use:
  • Unlock the Wasp Dome Trap, pour in 250ml of NoPests® Wasp Lure.
  • Lock Wasp Dome Trap lid to the closed position.
  • Locate trap in direct sunlight in areas where wasps frequent, using hanging cord provided.
  • Inspect the dome trap regularly and remove dead insects.
  • Replace lure monthly, or when levels drop due to evaporation.
  • If the dome trap is full and there is no free liquid, remove contents and rinse with clean water before refilling with NoPests® Wasp Lure. Ensure no Lure is spilt on the outside of the dome trap.

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